This section includes the Notes on non-current assets in the consolidated statement of financial position, excluding deferred tax assets (Section 2) and financial derivatives (Section 5).

The main components of the non-current assets at 31 December 2016 at Ferrovial are goodwill arising on consolidation (EUR 2,170 million) which represents 9% of total assets, “Investments in Infrastructure Projects” (EUR 7,153 million), accounting for 30% of total assets (see Note 3.3) and investments in associates (see Note 3.5), amounting to EUR 2,876 million (relating mainly to the investments in HAH and 407 ETR), accounting for 12% of total assets.

As regards the changes in goodwill, there was an increase of EUR 285 million in goodwill, due mainly to the goodwill arising on the acquisition of Broadspectrum (EUR 377 million), which was partially offset by the decrease in goodwill of Amey due to the exchange rate effect (EUR -138 million) resulting from the depreciation of the pound sterling.

The decrease in investments in infrastructure projects with respect to 2015 was due mainly to the exclusion from the scope of consolidation of various infrastructure project companies, which was offset by the exchange rate effect and the investments made in the year:

Investments in infrastructure projects

Investments in infrastructure projects (bar chart)

The decrease of EUR 363 million in investments in associates was due largely to the dividends paid amounting to EUR 367 million, mainly by HAH and ETR407, and to the effect of the exchange rate mainly as a result of the fall in the value of the pound sterling (EUR -155 million), partially offset by the share of the profits of those companies (EUR 82 million).

Investment in associates

Investments in associates (bar chart)
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