The balance of “Deferred Income” totalled EUR 1,118 million at the end of 2016 (2015: EUR 1,088 million), of which EUR 1,112 million correspond to grants related to assets received from the infrastructure concession grantors, primarily in the Toll Roads Division (EUR 1,089 million) and in the Services Division (EUR 23 million).

Within the Toll Roads Division, these grants are mainly broken down into the following projects: LBJ Infrastructure Group (EUR 459 million); NTE Mobility Partners (EUR 561 million); NTE Mobility Partners Segments 3 LLC (EUR 56 million); and, lastly, I-77 Mobility Partners (EUR 13 millions).

The main change in 2016 took place at NTE Mobility Partners Segments 3 and I-77 Mobility Partners, subsidiaries of Cintra in the US, which received additional grants in 2016 amounting to EUR 10 million and EUR 5 million, respectively, offset by a decrease of EUR 9 million and EUR 5 million as a result of the grants being taken to profit or loss in the framework of the NTE Mobility Partners and LBJ Infrastructures projects.

There was also an increase of EUR 32 million at the US companies due to the appreciation of the US dollar with respect to the euro.

These grants related to assets are recognised in profit or loss over the periods and in the proportions in which depreciation expense on those assets is recognised. The impact of these grants on cash flows is presented as a reduction of cash flows from investing activities.

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